4 Reasons you have fewer than 1000 twitter followers and why you should do something about it

News 02:11 November 2019:

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Does it matter that you have 50 followers and all your friends have 1000 twitter followers or more each? Is it frustrating not have anyone liking your tweets and posts on twitter? Well, the answer to the above questions is that you should feel concerned about not having many followers. To start with, on twitter is where people are networking these days. Secondly, getting more followers than you have right now is actually easier than you would think.

Start by filling out your profile picture completely. Change you twitter handle if it sound weird even to you, put a profile picture of you looking smart and official. If you are a business, upload your business’ logo as the profile picture. Then customize the background to your twitter bio to make it look more attractive, and finally include your location. After that start working on the quality of tweets you send out there, and tweet more if you have been inactive on the social network.